Writing Out Child Abuse

A Year Later: by jswaynemajordoma

After a year of setbacks, confusion, and things that didn’t quite work out the way we’d hoped, WOCA is back on track and ready to hit it harder than ever!

First, we are reopening submissions for the second WOCA anthology, Everyday Angels. We’re fortunate this time to have Paula Acton, A.R. Von, and A.D. Wayy already on the roster of authors who’ve submitted stories, and we’re looking for more! We’re seeking stories of 5,000-15,000 words, any genre, any heat level, for this anthology. The only rules are:

1) Child abuse MUST be a central conflict of the story, and cannot be depicted in a positive light or for titillation.

2) The abuser must face justice, in the system or the street: It’s entirely up to you!

3) The survivor must find closure in some manner.

If you’ve got the chops, or you have a story you’ve been wanting to tell but weren’t sure how or where, we want to see it!

Second, I’m proud to report that WOCA has raised $97.54 in the past year for child abuse prevention initiatives. Doesn’t sound like much for a year’s work, but believe me when I say every last penny of it was well-earned. We’re starting off slow, but I look at it as baby steps. Every sale is a victory, because it means that much more money to help child abuse survivors.

So tell your friends, your family, and even complete strangers. Open a dialogue. Abuse only survives in the shadows, and it’s up to all of us to take a stand. We’ll be back with more exciting news and plans soon!

Until next time,


J.S. Wayne


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